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Once a former fansubbing group (history here), we are now the official English localization team for minori visual novels, which are distributed by MangaGamer. For additional visual novel news, check out the MangaGamer blog.

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ef - the first tale is now on sale! Order your copy here today!

2013.05.20. OK, we're going to Anime North after all!

Anime North contacted us and wished for us to be there, particularly to film the game shows, as we have the previous 3 years. Since we can't turn down a gracious request, and we feel a bit better, we're going. See you at the game shows!

The 2012 Jeopardy and Family Feud videos will be up before AN 2013 begins (this is of higher priority than ef tft because it's a year old). The SD card with the video was lost until it was found during a Spring cleanup.

There are two visual novel panels on the schedule, but we're not attending them in any official capacity, nor will we report on them. One of them is the FAKKU 18+ panel, so it'll be a rehash of the same stuff we saw at Anime Boston 2011. The other is probably run by the same people who ran the panel at Anime North 2011. We gave a poor review in our report because the panelists admitted that they have never purchased any visual novels. They also didn't mention any titles from minori or MangaGamer.

2013.05.14. :(

Hi, Gippy here. Due to personal issues, neither Reikoku nor I are attending Anime North this year. We're also behind on ef - the latter tale development so we're obligated to finish that anyway. Sorry.

Neither of us had expected to work on ef in 2013 when we signed on with minori. Prolonged development has taken a toll on us, and so we needed to take a little timeout to recollect ourselves. That's why there have been no nnl1.com updates, and that's why we're not going to Anime North. We'd love to work on something else, we really do, but we just don't know if we have the passion for it anymore.

If minori can put us on hold for eight months to release Natsuzora no Perseus, we're sure they'll understand this one-month hiccup.

2013.01.01. Ohmigawd, an update!

The last update was on July 27th. Where has No Name Losers been? We've got some explaining to do!

ef - the first tale has not sold very well. We know the exact numbers (which we cannot disclose), but minori has publically admitted their concerns about this. It's time to give our opinion on the matter.

We always knew all along that ef tft would struggle to sell. Not only has much of the fanbase already played our fansubbed version, but other than our script improvements, there is almost no incentive for people to pay good money for what is essentially a six year-old game. There were no hardcopies or any preorder goodies that the Japanese get when purchasing games like these. In addition, ef tft had to battle with the cornucopia of media out there. It's a given that anything past a year old will be heavily discounted: not just visual novels, but video games in general.

For that matter, we do not expect ef - the latter tale to sell well, either. minori must realize that the western fanbase wants to be treated as well as the Japanese, not second-class citizens scrounging for table scraps. Give them a reason to buy your games, and they'll respond accordingly. minori has disappointed on that end: it has been 2.5 years since our first contact with them, and only ef tft has been released. Not much to cheer for, huh? We think the sales figures will be more encouraging once we work on something new.

True to MangaGamer's update, we have not received an ef tlt test build. minori was focusing on their newest title, Natsuzora no Perseus, which was released on December 27th. For those who need a recap, their first game in 2012, SPPL Story #1, flopped and nearly put minori out of business. Why did it flop? There are a number of reasons, but the main one is that it was all-ages. Unless it's a 100-hour epic like Clannad, all-age titles won't sell.

Their creditors gave them time to produce one more title. So they put in MONSTER BOOBS!


(Naughty Bits Blocker used without permission.)

And THIRTEEN ERO SCENES in about 18000 text blocks. ef, tft and tlt combined, has nine ero scenes (including the near-ero scenes) in 40000 text blocks!

Well, apparently stuffing their game silly with ero worked, because NnP was the #1 selling title for December, and #4 for all of 2012! So now that minori's newest game is a smash hit, they're hopefully out of the red, which means they can focus their attention on us! Could they give us NnP next? Who knows!

As for the final entry for our tenth anniversary coverage, don't worry. We'll have that up soon enough!


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