2022.06.17. Surprise update! This is Gippy, the former leader of No Name Losers. Here's what has happened since last time...

minori has dissolved: Well, this was predictable. The era of the $100 visual novel, which was the typical price point for almost 20 years, is long gone. Today, there are few AAA visual novel releases, especially 18+ eroge. The market has shifted to smaller releases with a reduced budget. Gacha and smartphone games have become the dominant "expensive otaku" hobby. minori's main advantage in the visual novel space, their visual overproduction, disappeared after Supipara Chapter 1+2 all the way in 2011, and they never completely recovered. We now consider all minori works that aren't licensed by MangaGamer to be abandonware, so we may re-release them all in the future, including a standalone version of Wind -a breath of heart-.  

Gippy's Congames: Shortly after No Name Losers dissolved, I began producing anime convention gameshows and panels, which has been an unbelievably happy journey of meeting fans and making new friends. I have a YouTube channel, and have also launched a website for my flagship gameshow, Anime Speedtune.

Watching anime: I've watched a lot more anime, and have kept track of my history on MyAnimeList.

Aside from the possibility of re-releasing our old work, there are no plans to revive No Name Losers. I, along with Reikoku, my best friend and co-founder of No Name Losers, have put our fansubbing hobby behind us. Thank you very much for everything.

2017.07.20. Hello! Nearly two years since the last update. We're doing well, enjoying all the new anime that's released every season. MangaGamer has recently released a regular hardcopy edition of ef - a fairy tale of the two. And with that, the book closes our magnum opus localization. Enjoy!

We've noticed some people using our old translations. That's all good, but if you want to contact us for source files, or for anything else, we now have a new e-mail address: nnl.retired@gmail.com.

Thank you to mutio of visual-novels.net for still hosting us. We might put more on this page soon enough!

2015.09.04. First update in over two years. How's everyone doing? This update is mainly to show our hosting provider that we're still alive.

During this stretch, the hardcopy version of ef - a fairy tale of the two was released. However, the cinematics weren't subtitled. This was not our decision, so we feel obligated to provide you with a subtitled copy of the opening. You'll see it dated 2013.12.13; this was supposed to be one of our final releases. Enjoy!

ef - the first tale HD Op [nnl, retail TL].mkv

 What was No Name Losers?

No Name Losers was a fansubbing group from 2002 to 2013. Our portfolio mostly consisted of translating visual novel opening movies. We were the very first fansub group to release a full translation patch for a visual novel, minori's Wind -a breath of heart-. Later, we fully translated minori's ef - a fairy tale of the two, and successfully negotiated with MangaGamer for an official license.

At the time of dissolution in 2013, many of us were approaching age 30. Some of us have moved on to professional endeavors. Others have new responsibilites such as raising families. As the anime world grows and evolves, we would rather spend what precious free time we have exploring and enjoying all the wonderful new content out there.

While we had plans to release our collective work of fansubs, our agreement with minori had prevented us from doing so. However, as minori dissolved in 2019, we now consider all minori works that aren't licensed by MangaGamer to be abandonware. Therefore, we may re-release them all in the future, including a standalone version of Wind -a breath of heart-. Other than that, there are no plans to revive No Name Losers.

From all of us, we thank you for your patronage. It was a fun ride.