Hey, everyone. Gippy here.

2023 was a very successful year for Anime Speedtune. It was our 10th anniversary. 1 minor event and 3 major events were held, and each major event had a different champion. Multiple regular players made long-distance trips to conventions they've never been to for the very first time. And the quality of play has improved to an astonishing degree, thanks to AMQ as the primary practice resource. I want to first and foremost thank all of the players for their continuing support. Without you, Anime Speedtune wouldn't be where it's at today.

On January 30th, the con chair of Anime Toronto, Can Ngo, announced publicly that he would be stepping down. His full statement is here.

Can was the one person who believed in me. Without him, Anime Speedtune would've been history after Anime North 2018. He gave me a new opportunity, and I've been able to experience numerous new conventions and make many new friends. And so, I am 100% behind Can and will follow him as he plans for a new convention in 2025. Therefore, I have made the difficult decision to also resign from Anime Toronto staff.

If you are an Anime Speedtune fan in Toronto, I can understand your frustration. Toronto is my home city, and it appears that there won't be an event in Toronto in 2024. Hosting Speedtune has always been about having fun and meeting new and old friends, and it hurts that the team and I may not be able to see some of you this year.

As of January 30th, I can't publicly confirm the conventions that have booked us, but please check the website regularly for updates. When the conventions do get announced, we hope that you can make the trip to see us. Thank you everyone for all your support, and may your pluralizations of anime shows be proper!