Stay tuned for 2024 updates. When the first convention is announced, the rules documents will be updated.

2024.01.30. Speedtune will not be returning to Anime Toronto. See here for our official statement.


March 17-19: Toronto Comicon (Toronto, ON) [replay available!]
August 11-13: Otakuthon (Montréal, QC) [replay available!]
August 18-20: Anirevo (Vancouver, BC) [replay available!]
September 1-3: Anime Toronto [Formerly IFFT] (Toronto, ON)


Anime Speedtune is a convention gameshow where players try to name the source of anime songs (anisongs). It's designed to be of higher quality and more competitive than casual "Anime Name That Tune" gameshows that are commonly seen at conventions. The game board is carefully designed from all sorts of shows, from the popular to the obscure.

Since 2013, it has been held over 20 times at 6 different conventions in eastern Canada. In 2021, it premiered in the United States, at Anime NYC. In 2022, it made its west coast debut at Anirevo. The team is excited for these new opportunities to reach out to more fans.

Anime Speedtune prioritizes its history, creating an environment that encourages both players and the audience to be invested in the game. All events are filmed and made available on our YouTube channel.

Statistics are kept for returning players, and successful players are recognized for their continued commitment to the game. By nurturing this culture, there are a number of regular players who travel from different provinces, and even from the United States, and consider Speedtune to be one of the marquee convention events.


Want to know the rules, or check out the videos and stats? You'll find it here.


Questions or feedback? Please contact us below:

Discord: @gippygames

If you are a convention organizer and would like Anime Speedtune at your con, we would be delighted to communicate with you. However, Anime Speedtune requires significant time and effort to produce. Please keep that in mind when making any inquiries. Thank you.